The firm

The totally artisan work of Zoraida Cases, reflects in its designs an elegance innate and passion for what she does, classifying her collections within Haute Couture.

According to the dictionary, Haute Couture (Haute Couture in French or Haute Couture in Italian), refers to the creation of clothing tailored to each client. These are usually outfits made from high-quality fabric, sewn with attention to detail and finish. Sometimes it can also be considered a type of fine art, at the same height as the writing, painting and music. And this is what the designer does in her Atelier located in Alicante, a very fine and unique job for each client.

After almost 25 years linked to show business, the baggage and beauty of the dance, constitute the pillars of the firm to which it is able to transfer silhouettes of a marked femininity working each garment with the most extreme sensitivity.

The way to work the forms with delicate fabrics of the highest quality and expression is, without a doubt, signature stamp.

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